TSI’s Elementary School Sloth Challenge – October 2016

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Elementary School Sloth Challenge! Calling on all Teachers/Administrators/Counselors!

The Sloth Institute (TSI) is excited to announce our celebration of International Sloth month this October with our 2nd annual Elementary School Sloth Challenge. Last year’s campaign was quite special and the teachers who participated expressed that it was a very special experience for the kids. This year we are looking to have children participate in an anti­pet trade campaign by coming up with drawings and a slogan to support the anti­-pet trade, that is, not supporting wildlife as pets and to teach the children about conservation.

We will hang the drawings in our future lab which will be dedicated to Monster and the winner of the campaign will get a chance to have a 15 minute Skype session with Sam and the sloths!

How to Participate:

Step 1: Sign up before October 1st

Step 2: We will send you Sloth/Wildlife Information (Sloth Facts, How to be a Responsible Sloth Tourist, and Why it’s Important not to Support the Pet Trade) to share with your class during the month of October

Step 3: If you wish, you can symbolically “Adopt” a Sloth (not mandatory to participate); we will send your class an e­certificate of the sloth of your choosing dedicated to your class which you can print and hang in your classroom

Step 4: Have your class come up with an “Anti­pet trade” campaign and submit to us by Oct. 31st!

It’s that simple!
Winning submission (chosen Nov 4th) gets a 15 minute skype session with Sam and the sloths!

Thank you for your support and for teaching our young ones. #slothlove

You can also read about our 2015 challenge here.


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