A New Year’s Resolution – More Sloth Speedways!

The Sloth Institute has a New Year’s Resolution and we need your support!

Deforestation in the rainforest is causing sloths to lose vital connections to their homes, food, and safety. When trees are cut down, sloths try to find other ways to travel – they climb on to electrical wires or they try to cross the road. They end up killed or badly maimed. TSI has treated sloths who survived, but some have lost eyes and arms after being electrocuted or hit by cars.

This photo shows a sloth found on the ground next to the road. TSI was able to move him to safety before he attempted to cross.

This sloth was electrocuted and her eye was injured. Fortunately, TSI was able to treat her injuries and save her eyesight.

TSI’s 2019 New Year’s Resolution:

SLOTH SPEEDWAYS are rope bridges that sloths and other wildlife utilize to travel throughout the rainforest. Today, they have become more important than ever.

SLOTH SPEEDWAYS reconnect the rainforest so that sloths and all wildlife can continue to access their known resources to food and safety.

Areas where urbanization has cut down trees to make way for roads, buildings and homes need more SLOTH SPEEDWAYS. The Sloth Institute is on a mission to make sure build more than ever.

All wildlife can use SLOTH SPEEDWAYS. Check out this monkey!

Can we count on you to help?


Thank you to Sloth Speedway Sponsor SLOTHGRIP

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