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Together, with our supporters, we recognize the relationship that binds humans, animals and the rainforest. Though the rainforest covers less than 2 percent of the Earth’s total surface area, the world’s rainforests are home to 50 percent of the Earth’s plants and animals! Sloths are rescued for many reasons, including electrocutions, infant abandonment, diseases, dog attacks, automobile collisions and illegal animal trade; most of these causes are a result of human interaction and negligence—making their rescue, rehabilitation, and release of utmost importance. By supporting TSI, you help fund our volunteer research and education programs directed at creating a positive change for community education and wildlife conservation programs. With your support, we can make a difference.

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Jon Snow being weighed

Jon Snow being weighed


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Sponsor Buena Vista Luxury Villas
Sponsor: Tulemar Vacation Home
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Our Supporters

Special thanks to the following for helping feed the volunteers:

Supporter Café Agua Azul

Agua Azul

Supporter Puerto Escondido Restaurante

Puerto Escondido Restaurante

Emilio’s Cafe – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica,
Cafe Milagro – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica,
Mini Price Mart – Quepos, Costa Rica,
Super Jordix – Quepos, Costa Rica,
La Cosecha – Quepos, Costa Rica

Special thanks to Dave Houck for all your support!

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TSI is a 501c(3) organization sponsored by Global Impact Fed. ID #52-1273585

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