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About Us

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The Sloth Institute (TSI)’s vision is to expand scientific knowledge and education about the sloth to enhance their well-being and assure their conservation here and on this planet.

The Sloth Institute’s 3 part mission:

1)  RESEARCH of captive and wild sloths.
2)  COLLABORATION with other institutions that work with sloths around the world.
3)  EDUCATION to generate and disseminate responsible and balanced information about sloths to the public.

PLEASE NOTE: The Sloth Institute is not a sloth sanctuary.  TSI is a non-profit organization specializing in research and education with a particular focus on the behavior, health and welfare of recently released, wild and captive sloths. Sloths are not available to be seen by the public as it is in their best interest to have as little human contact as possible. If you are staying at Tulemar Resort and are interested in a nature walk to see WILD sloths then please contact your concierge to schedule.

Sloth Institute Staff:

Sam Trull – Co-founder/Sloth Director

Sam Trull

Seda Sejud – Co-founder/Chief Sloth Ambassador


~ Ways to fund ~
For US corporation/foundation inquiries, contact
For checks/credit cards/wire transfers, contact
For marketing inquiries, contact
For any other inquiries, contact

TSI is a 501c(3) organization sponsored by Global Impact Fed. ID #52-1273585

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